Shawn Hoyt, VP BizOps
@ SessionM

Konstantin has been a fantastic partner to us. He is very fast and efficient in moving us from concepts to implementation.

Alex Lindahl, Manager
@ Scalr

Konstantin has been an incredibly valuable resource for Scalr and myself. Always goes above and beyond. Extremely insightful.

John Nathenson, SVP
@ Slice Technologies

Konstantin is a true professional and he knows exactly what we want when we come to him with a project.

Rusty Pederson, VP
@ Bridges to Community

Konstantin was dedicated to our project. He took on a very ominous and overwhelming project and attacked it with precision and patience to its successful completion.

The Nielsen Innovation team relies heavily on SalesForce to perform its day-to-day sales operations and reporting. Their heavily customized platform tracks the entire product life-cycle from identifying an opportunity to product delivery.

To enable pricing of a new product line, the client needed an upgrade to the internally built custom pricing tool. The upgrade needed to be intuitive for the users to follow, and also work seamlessly with the existing applications, objects, and integrations within the platform.

“Konstantin has been a go-to resource to help us maximize the value of our custom-built SalesForce applications. He collaborates seamlessly with our key business stake holders, understanding their requirements and advising on best practices to create an optimal solution. He also manages our development team to deliver some of the required features, thus relieving us from dealing with the technical SalesForce aspects of the project. In helping us to launch our new pricing functionality, he not only delivered the project on time, but was available to support our team’s follow-up needs.”

Mike Black, VP Marketing

NAILBITER is the leader in the video analytics for the CPG industry. The company is rapidly growing it customer base and is adding new employees. To fuel its growth as well as retain high customer and employee satisfaction, NAILBITER needed a comprehensive CRM solution that would allow them to compete with their bigger competitors. OnLighten was able to assess their needs quickly and implemented a customized Salesforce CRM solution.

“We are thrilled with the system Onlighten put together for us. It combined the best of Salesforce with other free or inexpensive platforms such as Outlook, Outreach, Toggl and QuickBooks to give me a single cohesive system which allows me to manage my business from Prospecting to Project and Time management! The biggest benefit is that with this system I was able to save on 2 FTEs and can scale my business to any level. My team is very happy with the new system as they receive pricing and project approvals in hours instead of days. Finally, Konstantin and his team have been wonderful to work with – they took the time to understand our needs and did not push a cookie cutter system onto us.”

Amit Dhand, CEO

Bridges to Community is an international not-for-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of impoverished communities in developing countries. For years they have used Razor’s Edge as the on-premise CRM system. The support of the server and the use of the hundreds of thousands data records collected over the years was becoming unmanageable. The Organization needed a streamlined, robust, customizable, web application to support their processes and allow the organization to scale.

OnLighten helped Bridges to Community customize the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to their processes; created custom applications to streamline the tracking of the client’s activities; exported, cleaned up, and migrated the entire database of gifts, contacts, and events from Razor’s Edge to

“Konstantin was dedicated to our project. He took on a very ominous and overwhelming project and attacked it with precision and patience to its successful completion.”

Rusty Pedersen, Associate Director


The Bulgarian Sunday School in Boston is a 501(c)3 non-profit after-school program. For years the school has tracked and collected its records and information on spreadsheets and paper documents. As the number of students and branches grew, the need for centralized information platform became more pressing.

OnLighten helped the school apply for a non-profit SalesForce licenses. Then we customized and automated the platforms to addresses the specific needs of the educational organization – tracking students, enrollments, classes, tuition fees, collected payments. Now, a single part-time user is able to manage all the operations of the school – enrollments, classes, collections, and parents communication.

“Our organization has grown significantly over the past several years. The approach for collecting, maintaining, and updating our operational documents was unsustainable – we were experiencing difficulties with keeping the information accurate and up to date. Konstantin Valchev explained the benefits of SalesForce and helped us apply for a non-profit license. He was able to implement a SalesForce application specific to our needs in a short amount of time. The application met our operational needs and its use was very intuitive. Mr. Valchev was responsive in reflecting our feedback and suggestions for improvement. He also assisted our staff with training, which enabled us to start getting the full benefits of the system quickly.”

Rossen Dimitrov, Principal

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