Scope & Approach

Our knowledge and aspiration to be your trusted partner will guide our work

  • Set the right pace for success – The SalesForce platform brings many features, however aiming to have them all on day one can jeopardize the success of the implementation.
  • Collaborate with your team to outline an appropriate implementation plan according to your needs, goals, and budget
  • Proceed with your users top of mind – Don’t expect us to suggest you do too much. It is better to start small, pilot with your potential power users, incorporate their feedback in the implementation, and then roll out to the larger audience. This approach will prevent most of the change management and user adoption issues, and will ensure your users are ready for the next round of enhancements.
  • Build simple yet powerful solutions you can manage internally – When you don’t want to be dependent on our support, we can teach you to be self-sufficient. Most of our customizations can be managed via point and click.

Have a SalesForce platform that loses popularity?

We can help turn that ship around! Being experts in what we do, we can help you re-implement your platform and save your investment in it.

Our creativity and experience will help you

  • Establish and implement not just best practices, rather, CRM practices best suited for your business
  • Design your platform from the ground up, so it can evolve along with your business needs
  • If your organization lacks standard processes, we will work with you to establish those, so they can then be adopted with the roll-out of SalesForce

Our systematic approach aims to deliver effective and scalable solutions fast

  • Get to know your business
  • Understand your main goals and priorities
  • Outline a well defined standard processes
  • Collaborate with your team to design customizations to operationalize your strategy
  • Support users and executives to achieve their goals

Why not give us a call?

Find out all the details.

Let us take a peek & help you:

  • Increase users’ productivity and streamline the business processes
  • Help your team make better, informed decisions fast
  • Provide top-notch user training and support and ensure the platform’s adoption
  • Ensure the Salesforce investment is paying itself back by achieving all of the above

Eliminate intimidation

Knowing the steep initial learning curve, achieving these goals can be intimidating and daunting if you have never done it before. This is where knowledge and expert advice will ensure the success of your adoption and process consistency

Over 7 years in the field

Help startups operationalize their goals

  • Assist in establishing new scalable business processes
  • Implement processes standardization within SalesForce
  • Create powerful, actionable reports and dashboards to track performance
  • Enable tracking of actual performance to set goals

Support businesses in transforming their out of the box SalesForce into mature platforms

  • Address the growing business needs
  • Keep the increasing user base engaged and involved within the platform
  • Implement custom applications to standardize business processes and facilitate scalable growth

Implemented SalesForce for large decentralized multinational teams

  • Centralize key sales and operational data
  • Improve and standardize processes
  • Gain visibility to their performance
  • Make the right and necessary decisions faster

Implement SalesForce for non-for-profit educational organization

  • Customizing the SalesForce environment to support the unique school operations
  • Preparing and migrating the historical spreadsheet data to the platform
  • Creating applications to enable the small user group manage the large database
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