Design your SalesForce platform from the ground up while implementing practices best suited for your business, and keeping your user adoption top of mind.

Data Integrity

SalesForce is first and foremost a database; ensuring its data integrity is consistently picked as the number one challenge among users.

Process Automation

Effort duplication can discourage top performers from using your SalesForce platform. This is when we hear the cry for help from our client to automate their processes.

Reporting & Dashboards

Your success is defined by the business decisions you make. Access to powerful SalesForce reports with relevant information is imperative to make the right decisions faster.


  • We get to know your business, your goals, priorities, and processes
  • We help you implement and standardize your processes and establish best practices tailored to your business
  • We proceed with the success of your users top of mind
  • We build simple yet powerful solutions you can manage internally
Konstantin Valchev CEO of Onlighten

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